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Thermography Services

Infrared Thermography Services

We carry out infrared thermography using IR cameras to detect and measure radiations and correlate that to surface temperature. Thermal imagers convert infrared radiation being emmited from the body into electric signals and thus present them visually. Infrared thermography is the latest analysis tool for the detailed energy audit as the thermal cameras are powerful tool in viewing wall cavity insulation, ceiling insulation, moisture related problem. Several areas in electrical installations are not easily identified using conventional methods but these are able to locate with thermal imaging . Infrared thermography is one solution for diagnosis used to determine the most effective plan of action to make the electrical installation more energy efficient.

We conduct infrared thermal imaging of machinery and electrical panels,which help in detecting faults before they cause damages. Our thermal imaging equipment produces accurate real time high resolution images ;enabling engineers to detect problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. This gives you the opportunity to undertake remedial works prior to costly system failures or production stoppages occuring .Infrared thermography is effective across all sectors in helping to reduce maintenance costs and even identify possible improvements.

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