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Power Factor Correction Panel

When you require high and low voltage in specific amount then you need to browse our range of Power Factor Correction Panel. It is highly compact yet functional in outline and performance. This range is particularly composed with shock safe material to ensure a workers protection while handling different fluctuations of power voltage. In addition, our Power Factor Correction Panel range is available in small to large models to suit every clients articulations. This range consumes less space that implies it can be attached to any electrical system or can be introduced as a standalone model.
Product Image (PD-15)

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

Price: 75000 INR/Unit


  • KVAR: 100-5000 KVAR single unit.
  • Voltage levels- 400/415/440/525/690/800/1200V 

Product Image (PD-07)

Detuned Harmonic Filter Panels

Price: 50000 INR/Unit

Detuned Harmonic Filters are basically Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels comprising of Harmonic Reactor for mitigation of system harmonics.These panels are tuned at approximately 189Hz to avoid resonance. Harmonic filters used are iron core type, have low losses and have high linearity. These panels are custom built as per the requirement and normally start from a rating of 100KVAR onwards . Capacitors used are rated @ 525V due to the presence Harmonic Reactors which elevate the voltage and additional factor of safety. Panels are manufactured from CRCA sheets and dimensions can be customised as necessary.

Product Image (PD-16)

Real Time Power Factor Correction Panel

Price: 50000 INR

Technical Specifications:

  • System Voltage 400 to 800V
  • Step power 50 to 300 Kvar
  • Rated Kvar 50 to 4000KVar
  • Switching time<40ms.
  • Mode of Switching : Static
  • PF Improvement + Harmonic Reduction


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