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Our Expertise

We are pioneers in providing to almost all HT and LT networks and develop APFC/AHFP/RTPFC Systems.

Power Factor

All the electrical devices like induction heaters, motor or motor driven machines require magnetic field field to operate. Fluorescent lighting draws a current which is considered to lag behind the voltage, thereby, generating a "lagging" power factor. Harmonic Filter, Harmonic Reactors, Harmonic Filter Reactors, Harmonic Filter Panel, Tuned Harmonic Filter, Hybrid Harmonic Filter Panel, Automatic Harmonic Filter Panel, Active Harmonic Filter Panel, Capacitors, LT Capacitor, HT Capacitor which draws current which is considered to lead the voltage, hence producing "leading" power factor.

If the capacitors are connected in a circuit which is operating at a lagging power factor then the possibility of circuit lag is possibly reduced. However, circuits with neither lagging or leading component are supposed to operate at a "unity" power factor and the consumption of energy is equivalent to useful energy.

Why improve Power Factor (P.F.)?

Accurately dimensioned Power Factor Improvement System is required to minimize the total consumption of power by any electrical installation and will assure the following benefits:

  • Financial Savings- while reducing power consumption, electricity costs are also reduced.
  • Extended equipment life- due to lessened electrical burden on electrical components and cables.
  • Enhanced load capacity- Offer additional capacity for extra loads to remain connected at the time of power cut down.
  • Environmental benefit- Considerably reduced "Greenhouse" gas emissions and fossil fuel depletion by power stations.
The most vital is the low payback period of the electrical system and the gains in the form of PF incentives  received from the electricity boards.


These are natural byproducts of non linear loads like motor soft starters, PLCs, welders, UPS, VFDs, robotics etc.

Harmonics are said to produce more than 60Hz currents and voltages in the distribution systems. Capacitors are basically low resistance paths for higher frequency harmonics and thereby assimilate all the harmonic energies. Concoction of system inductors like motors and transformers along with capacitors can result in series and parallel tuned circuits which can resonate at certain frequencies. The harmonic energy produced through non linear loads is sufficient to excite a capacitor bank  into resonance. This resonance can lead to enhanced current and voltage which in turn can damage the system. To reduce resonance, iron core reactors are added to capacitor banks. Reactors are tuned below the 1st dominant harmonic ie 5th

Product Range

We are pioneers in developing and distributing a comprehensive range of highly efficient and performance driven products at competitive prices. Assured of quality and reliability, our products comprise:
  • APFC (Automatic Power Factor Correction System)
  • Tuned and Detuned Harmonic Filter
  • RTPFC (Real Time Power Factor Correction System)
  • OSFD Active Filters
  • LT Capacitor
  • Harmonic Reactors,Harmonic Filter Reactors
  • HT Capacitor and Associated Equipments
Our Association

For all our products and services, we are assisted by Claritas Power Systems Solution Pvt Ltd. and Frako Kondensatoren Und Anlagenbau, GmbH, Germany

Frako is widely reckoned for the production of capacitors, lt capacitor, ht capacitor and allied equipment in the areas of power factor correction and power quality. It has been in this business since its foundation in 1928. It is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company with global presence in almost 178 countries.

All capacitors are developed using latest innovative technology and triple technology features. Frako has been the first manufacturer of capacitor which was successful in collating self healing capacitor film with segmented film and overpressure disconnection.

Why Us?

We are widely recognized for meeting and surpassing our clients expectations with quality assured products and services. Beside,s some of the other factors that have helped us in establishing long lasting relationships with clients are:
  • Wide distribution network
  • Timely completion of consignments
  • Use of latest technology and skills
  • Team of experienced and qualified employees
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Client centric policies and approach
  • Competitive pricing structure

"We are dealing in Maharashtra only."
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